Every visit to Paris deserves a visit to the Louvre Museum. A historical monument and a true world heritage site, it is home to an incredible wealth of treasures. It brings together priceless works of art, representing diverse ancient civilizations not to be missed. Discover why a visit to one of the world's greatest museums, the Louvre Museum, is a must for young and old alike.

The Louvre Museum: a palace steeped in history

Former palaces of the kings of France, the Louvre Museum was once a veritable palace. This is why visiting this historical heritage is above all like spending a few hours in the heart of an idyllic place. The paintings on its ceiling are in themselves an exceptional work of art. Breathtaking sculptures can be found there, in this case in the Denon wing. You will be able to appreciate the tastes of Henri IV or Louis XIV, all forming a breathtaking rendering!

Louvre Museum: a priceless collection of works of art

The Louvre Museum has a number of equally interesting galleries. Each of them presents unique works of art, divided into several hundred collections. These tell their own stories from different periods such as the Renaissance and Impressionism. Oriental sculptures, Greek antiquities, French paintings... the treasures found here are unparalleled and magnificently beautiful. They represent at the same time graphic arts, furniture, Islamic arts and jewellery. Visiting the Louvre is also to appreciate the Venus de Milo and the Greek goddess of love which are permanently on display in the heart of this concentrate of wonder. Among all its treasures, the Mona Lisa or the portrait of Mona Lisa are among the must-see items. It is the most famous painting Leonardo da Vinci ever painted. It represents the most emblematic painting the world has ever known. It has lived for years and is exhibited in the Louvre museum. It is described as priceless. Moreover, its value is estimated at more than 650 million Euros. Visiting the Louvre is above all to appreciate this work of art that has been passed on from generation to generation.

Well-preserved paintings and breathtaking views

Another reason to visit the Louvre? The rooms that are kept there are positioned in almost perfect condition. It is therefore possible for you to appreciate each collection in its original, intact and well-maintained state. Moreover, to ensure this durability, some paintings are protected by bullet-proof glass or nets. Furthermore, to make the most of your visit, you will be able to see magnificent views of the surrounding area, namely the Seine, the Cour Napoléon and the Rue de Rivoli and its many shops, from the hundreds of windows of the Palace.