Françoise de Felice

Who is Françoise de Felice? Biography and works

Françoise de Felice was born in1952 in Paris where she resided up until she was 20 years old as per She started practicing art while she was still a child and this is thanks to her grandmother. While at…

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Why visit the Louvre Museum?

Every visit to Paris deserves a visit to the Louvre Museum. A historical monument and a true world heritage site, it is home to an incredible wealth of treasures. It brings together priceless works of art, representing diverse ancient civilizations…

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What’s the history of the Paris Opera?

As one of the most famous monuments of the City of Lights, the Paris Opera is a must for people who are sensitive to art and dance. Would you like to know everything about the history of the Paris Opera,…

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What are the essential works of Charles Baudelaire?

Charles Baudelaire is one of the famous writers of French literature. His works manifest the French language par excellence, where a variety of rhetorical devices and rather complex vocabularies are used to formulate ideas. His poems also respect, for the…

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