Françoise de Felice was born in1952 in Paris where she resided up until she was 20 years old as per She started practicing art while she was still a child and this is thanks to her grandmother. While at Sorbonne, she attended the Beaux-arts. Francoise left France and moved to Sicily, where she discovered French impressionism was not satisfactory.


Francoise is of Italian descent in regards to her father. Born in Paris, she spent the first 20 years of her life there. Her mother introduced her to graphic art while she was still a young girl. The grandmother was part of an advertising workshop during Char Noir Cabaret and Fernand Leger times. Francoise also studied at Sorbonne. Moreover, she audited at the Beaux-arts school. Her first job was impressionist in style, which she did up to 1982. She moved to Sicily since she was not satisfied in the French impressionism style.

She came up with a personality that helped her create a unique signature. She started sketching the splendid Sicilian baroque as well as the island's light using fluid-shaped and fine precise lines. Françoise de felice art style was inspired through will and randomness. She was good at turning her art works into an introspective story to display self-analysis. She made a few trips between France and the Mediterranean, where she stayed in Paris. In ger studio, she organized several international exhibitions in Geneva, Rome, Caracas, London and Paris.


Francoise art style can be described as an impressionist in style , a story of femininity, melancholic and soft. Just like holograms, our lives can be described as a poetic and subliminal labyrinth. Our lives are full of ambiguities and everyone is always trying to fight their own demons. In Francoise's canvases, there is nothing serene in them. There are so many hidden drips and streaks of colors that reveal breaks of aborted tales and continuity of dreams. From distinct female subjects, we can apprehend intimate echoes hears in the subconscious. Defining the central theme of art can be said to be a multi-dimensional challenge. Francoise's universe feeds from beauty. Besides the beauty of the eyes, she also feeds from the beauty of the soul. She offers us a unique respite in the art environment today.

Technique and style

As mentioned above, Francoise de Felice is an impressionist in style as she uses watercolor and a gold leaf in her artwork. The women in her paintings bring out contrasting images from the past. Through this, it makes it possible for us to travel through time. Through her work, she comes up with her own unique mythology. Furthermore, her works establish connections to vast cultural references like roses from Vermeer's lights, roses from Tiepolo, faces from Renaissance and today, ancient black and white photos.


Francoise uses a strong technique that comes with a deep meaning. This way, she creates profound and ethereal works. She also gets to express a sense of emotion that comes out clearly in the faces of the subjects that she uses in the portraits. Francoise's artworks are analytical as they explore inner worlds. Besides portraying us, they also portray her. She is currently living and working in France. Her artwork has not gone without notice as her paintings have been in exhibitions throughout North America and Europe. They are also included in the important American and European collections.