Who are the biggest world powers?

Published on : 06 April 20223 min reading time

The term great power is a title given to countries that have global dominance and influence, usually through their economy, politics, military strength, but also through their cultural domination. These countries generally have the capacity to intervene in the entire planet. Here are three of the countries described as the world’s biggest powers.

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The United States

As one of the most important financial indicators at the international level, the GDP or gross domestic product is a measure of the economic production achieved by a country and qualifies its wealth over a given period of time. Indeed, with a GDP of $21,345 billion in 2019, the United States is unquestionably the world’s leading power. An industrialized nation with a massive focus on the tertiary sector and on innovation, it is at the forefront of technical progress thanks to its large investment in research and its universities that attract the brightest students. A great financial and commercial power, the US dollar is the world’s reference currency. The United States is not only the world’s leading economic power, but also the leading political power. As such, it plays an important role in the world and its political, military or diplomatic decisions often have an impact on other countries. Moreover, the cultural footprint of the United States is all the rage around the world.


According to the World Bank’s classification as a world power, China is second only to the United States. With a GDP that continues to grow every year, it is expected to reach $14,217 in 2019. Thanks to its 1.4 billion inhabitants, making it the most populous nation in the world, and its civilizational strength, this East Asian country has experienced remarkable and rapid economic, political and military growth. Its rich and ancient culture also highlights its importance in the eyes of the world. In addition, China confers a very important diplomatic influence through its permanent membership of the United Nations Security Council and its presence in many organizations such as the World Trade Organization (WTO) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).


Germany, the country led by Chancellor Angela Merkel, is the leading power in Europe, but it also has good positions on a global scale. Germany’s power is based on the fact that it is the most populous nation in the EU. Indeed, its commercial potential, its industrial concentration (mechanical engineering, electronics, technology, etc.), its quality workforce, the importance of its cities, the function of its banks and local governments are all major economic resources of the country. Through the heritage of its attractive cities and its historical legacy, tourism in Germany is also a crank for its wealth.

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