European Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology is a non-profit making organization, open to European researchers, scientists, interested stakeholders, and the public in general whose interests are in basic and applied sciences, technology, and its links with society. It is independent of external influence and can only associate with organizations with which they share common values. It was born in 1997 and since its inception, it has played a major role in shaping technological, scientific, and innovative policies leading to the European Charter and Code for researchers, and the establishment of the European Research Council amongst others. More on


The vision for EuroScience is to develop scientists who will influence society positively and contribute to the development and success of mankind. It aims at empowering the society to enable the resolution of challenges ahead which include political, social, environmental, and economic. It also aims at becoming the most prominent grassroots organization for science, technology, and innovation in Europe.
The vision’s cornerstones define the key agenda of EuroScience and its members and include the integration of Europe through the promotion of ideas, facilitating the contribution of science to the welfare and success of mankind, and influencing policies for science at national and European levels and raising awareness on important issues bringing together science and mankind and engaging in political process and promotion of dialogue between scientists and other stakeholders at the European level.


The European Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology governance body is made up of General Assembly and Governing Board. The General Assembly is the sovereign body of the association and consists of all members with the right to vote. Its main role is to set strategic guidelines for the following two years and approve the association’s accounts. The next General Assembly will be held during ESOF 2022 in Leiden Netherlands.
It has a governing board comprising of both supervisory and administrative authorities. All members are eligible to become candidates for board elections after fulfilling the following;
1. Be an eligible member
2. Membership subscription is up to date
3. Provide curriculum vitae
4. Apply and prove value addition.
Membership to the Executive committee which is none remunerated comprises the president, the two vice presidents, the secretary, and the treasurer.


EuroScience Open Forum whose mandate is to facilitate a platform for interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral scientific culture, research, and innovation was created by the European Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology in 2004. The 10th edition of esof will be held from 13th July to 16th July 2022 in Leiden Netherlands. Participants in ESOF 2022 can attend the event physically or online and their discussion will revolve around new discoveries and debate the direction that research is taking in the science, humanities, and social science.
ESOF is a rotational event that takes place biennially in different European cities. Geographical mobility ensures public involvement and engagement and a show of diversity in the European research landscape. EuroScience in ESOF Leiden will be conducted both on-site and online to accommodate ESOF participants constrained by various challenges for example financial and retention of the networking opportunities.
ESOF Leiden theme for 2022 is crossing the geographical borders, involving science, and buoyant society.ESOF2022 is about unity and bridging gaps between stakeholders in science and society from all over the world. ESOF2022 will be split into several tracks which include and are not limited to an appreciation of culture, changing societies, the role of science, retention of a healthy society, science, and business, academic and careers, and sustainability of the environment.
The program for Esof2022 is still being worked on and will feature different keynote speakers. The next event for the sciencists will be held in 2024.