Invented in 1891 in the United States by a certain physical education teacher James Naismith, basketball currently has nearly 500 million players. The best known league with many talented players is the NBA. It is one of the most practiced in the world. Basketball is a team sport that is played on a basketball court with 5 players against 5 other players. For the fans of this sport, basketball principles and rules are to know about this article. Find them now.

The different types of time on basketball

The game lasts 40 minutes under basketball rules, not counting the numerous time stops after each whistle from the referee. The game can therefore last quite a long time in the end. Thus, at each change and during free throws, the clock is also stopped. Each match is divided into quarters, i.e. into four 10-minute periods separated by an interval of 2 minutes. A team has 24 seconds to shoot. Beyond this small second, the ball is returned to the opposing team. A player has 5 seconds on these 3 options: the 1st case is to shoot a free throw, the 2nd case is to make a throw-in and the 3rd case is to get rid of the ball if it is stopped.

Fouls in basketball

In the rules of basketball, contact with opponents' shoulders, arms, knees, hips is prohibited. A player can only make 4 fouls and not one more. He leaves the game at his fifth foul, but one of the substitutes can take his place, because the game is played with 5 players. There is also the technical foul. If a player commits this technical foul, it can be a challenge to a referee's decision or a provocation. The coach may also commit a foul, such as deliberately delaying play or illegally replacing players.

Basketball Baskets and Scoring in Basketball

Depending on where you shoot, there are different types of points scored. If you shoot inside the racket and score, you get two points. On the other hand, if you shoot outside, you will get three points. There are also free throws which are obtained after a foul on a player about to shoot or after an accumulation of five team fouls. In case the player who is fouled is shooting at 2 points not scored, then he has two free throws at his disposal. However, in case a 3 point shot is being taken, then the player has three free throws at his disposal. Another case where a foul is committed with a scored basket, then the player takes one free throw and gets an extra point if he scores. As in all kinds of competitions, only the team that scores the most points wins the match.