This gem derives its name from a Latin word that means precious stone. It is the most colourful gemstone the world has ever known, coupled with healing properties and beauty. This natural stone, dabbed “the queen of all gems” is easily identifiable for its inexhaustible range of colours, waxy, pearly and vitreous lustre. The gem can be coloured or colourless, with colours ranging from yellow, white, blue, green, red, orange to black. In order to buy an opal stone online, go to


Since the ancient times, this precious stone has been associated with royalty and good luck. Mostly found in Australia, it is today found in many parts of the world. In astrology, the gemstone is linked to zodiac libra and the planet Venus. Venus symbolizes the desires of a human being. Apart from being labelled as the most famous natural stone jewellery in fashion today, it contains powerful astrological properties, and is only second after diamond.

Wearing this stone is a modern practice, mostly associated with the October babies. If you were born in the month of October, wearing this stone is believed to ignite love, affection and a luxurious life. In the medieval times, however, it was worn for various reasons. Most people considered it to have beneficial effects to the eyes of the wearer, whereby it was believed to cure eye disease. The black gem was said to give power to the magicians. Some also believed that unwrapping it in fresh bay leaf could make one invisible. On the theme of invisibility, the stone was said to aid in astral projection.

The Beauty of the Stone

This is one of the most beautiful stones the world has ever known, characterized with spiritual and health benefits. Mostly, it is found in Australia, but also in small amounts in other parts of the world including the United States, Turkey and Brazil. The stone is loaded with minerals, and is a form of silicon dioxide. The natural crystals have a smooth appearance or woody shading, which may appear yellowish.

The engineered ones, on the other hand, have lesser densities and a lesser reflection range. Today, it is still regarded as a good luck gem. How should you wear it? Well, the stone is designed to be worn on the index finger of the hand the carrier uses to operate on the Friday morning of Shukla Paksh.

For instance, if you are a left-handed person, the stone should be worn on the left hand, and vice versa. The stone you wear should be about a 1/10 in terms of carats of your total body weight. That means your body weight divided by 10. Before wearing the stone, you should first immerse it in a bowl containing the concentrate of a spoon of honey, curd, tulsi leaves, ghee and gangajal for ten minutes. This is done in order to activate the gemstone and get rid of impurities. The fire gemstones are astrologically regarded as the most effective.

Benefits of Wearing the Stone

This stone has for many years been associated with good health, wealth and love. It is known to fill a wearer’s life with luxury. It can also promote creativity and art.

Health Benefits

This precious stone has health enhancing effects, given that it perfects the will to live. It has the power to heal kidneys, the skin and the lower back. The stone purifies the kidneys and the blood and also promotes memory. It is also said to kindle the adrenal gland and sexual organs. When it comes to fighting infections, this stone has been found to help. It can also come in handy when treating colds, flu, the Parkinson’s disease and ulcers.

For people with fertility issues, this stone is also used to promote hormonal activities. If you are suffering from dehydration or having water issues, this is a stone to rely on. For insulin regulation purposes, PMS and childbirth, you are advised to use the dark-coloured stones. The black stone can also help in breaking densities within the body, such as cysts and tumours, while the white coloured one strengthens the hair, nails and the skin. For skin issues, such as psoriasis and eczema, this is the stone to use. It is also used in litho therapy and cristallotherapy.

Emotional Stability

The stone has been linked to sexuality and desire. It can make the carrier fall in love with life, promote seductive feelings and boost optimism. It is believed that each time a person feels teary or emotional, energy drawn from other people is often the cause. If you are a sensitive person, you can find immeasurable solace in this gemstone. The water content, which ranges between 5 and 10 percent can clear the negative energy and replace it with a positive one. The stone is also said to prevent the carrier from absorbing negative energy from other people.

Given that the stone is absorbent and reflective, it promotes creativity and originality, allowing you to express your true self. It is a powerful seductive stone that can make your emotional state intense, acting as a stabilizer to help you exert positive energy. The black stone can help the wearer face the worst fears, meaning it can be effective on people with chronic worry, anxiety and phobia. The white stone clears the emotional patterns you need to get rid of to help you become a more loving and positive person.

The Mind and the Spirit

The precious stone nourishes the mind and the spirit. It can encourage an interest in arts and spontaneity and enhance your self-worth. The stone draws you to the more positive side of life, keeping you from negative distractions. When the earth star chakra is imbalanced, you are likely to feel some kind of disconnect to the people around you and the earth. It could mean hallucinating or feeling anxious about the unknown, causing you to be aggressive towards other people. With this stone, the feelings of being overly possessive, manipulating orhaving feelings of uncontrollable excitement can be cleared. Take advantage of this stone to alleviate fears and ignite your awareness.


When the crown chakra is imbalanced, you are likely to experience the feelings of being indispensable, at your place of work. You might also be that person who constantly need sympathy from others or constantly feels misunderstood. Aside from its healing effects, the gemstone can be used to help you align yourself with the right universal forces. You can use it to attract luck, money and abundance. The soul star chakra is also crucial to the functioning of your life.

When it is not balanced, you may experience feelings of confusion about your overall life or where you are headed with your career. If you own a business, particularly in travel and tourism, use this stone to attract new customers, set your mind for success and draw more sales. You only need to place it at your place of work. If you are looking to generate new opportunities, it will inspire you to come up with new ideas and keep you productive. Also, the stone will make you more energetic and enthusiastic, acting as a lure to bring in success, financial pursuit and prosperity. It is a stone that has been seen to foster prosperity, allowing the carrier to gain better reputation.

Fosters Relationships

This gemstone magnifies the pleasures of the heart, allowing you to bring out your inner certainty, aspirations and desires. It is the epitome of promoting passion and can fill your heart with love, fostering your relationship. More so, it is known to strength the relationship of the wearer with the person they love. For married couples, the stone has been said to enhance romance. In the bedroom, the stone helps couples to be more open to each other sexually.

Who Should Wear the Gemstone?

Anyone, regardless of their horoscope can wear this stone. It can be worn as a ring, a pendant, bracelet, or any other type of ornament. It is necessary to note that the shapes and cuts of the gemstone you purchase can carry negative energy. Before wearing, it is advisable to remove the negative energies from it.

These natural stones are largely known for their ability to inspire positive traits and characteristics of the wearer. The stone has the ability to gather the feelings and desires of the person and amplify them. Whether the emotions and feeling picked up by the stone are negative or not, it becomes easier and possible to understand and fix them. With this mineral stone, you will avoid negative energy and feelings and gravitate more towards the positive.

If you are looking for a gemstone that can be used as a substitute to diamond, the opal gemstone is worth considering. It is believed to counteract negative effects and attract beauty, grace, charm, romance and prosperity, particularly to people in the hospitality industry. Perhaps, one of its most mysterious properties is its capacity to brilliantly scatter light, allowing it to create lights of every colour.