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The section made for sports enthusiasts. You will know the most frequent sports events is essential.

Sport and more sport! You will discover the foreign championships and the top of the most famous players of the moment.

Vintage style is back in fashion. For example, the high waist skirt and trousers, the square heel, etc.The fashion planet never sleeps. Here, all the fashion news not to be missed in order to be as close as possible to trends and novelties… For young people and teenagers, opt for the rebellious style like destroy. Fashion gives way to black and check patterns.

As far as summer season is concerned, the bohemian style remains fashionable. With the DIY concept, it is now becoming trendy for fashion enthusiasts to make their own jewellery. The so-called classic pieces such as long dresses and denim dresses are still present in our wardrobes.

The different ways to travel: cruises, road trips, camping, hiking, etc…

Quick, delicious and dietetic recipes to discover and make to take care of your figure.

For the wide range of face and body care products, the use of organic cosmetics is in vogue.

Alternative medicines
Alternative medicine excludes treatment through the use of pharmaceutical drugs.
Medical innovations
E-Health is a new innovation that doctors and patients are passionate about.
The diagnosis is made by the specialist or doctor to determine what kind of illness it is and how serious it is.
Treatments & vaccinations
Vaccinations and treatments against serious diseases are now plentiful.

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